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Gianpaolo at Oktoberfest 2002 Hello everybody and welcome to my personal Home Page!

My name is Gianpaolo Macario.
I was born and live in Turin (Northern Italy).
I work as a Technical Manager in the R&D department of a big automotive supplier.
Whenever I can I am a user and strong supporter of Linux and Open Source software.

I also enjoy having a beer every once in a while - but not always so much like here at the Munich Oktoberfest a few years ago!

I would really like to revamp my site a little bit... anyway I will appreciate your feedbacks if you find something useful here.


Personal information

Here is my resume (Curriculum Vitae), looking for potential employers (ahem...)


My projects and documents

Linux Presentations

Here are the slides (in Italian) of the presentation about Linux and its applications I gave at the "Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Torino":

Gianpi's contribution to Linux RPMs

I have built a number of RPM packages for Linux. All of them are available on

This page describes Gianpi's RPMS together with references to each program official home page.


I have developed a port to the Intel 8051 microcontroller of the Real-Time Kernel uC/OS by Jean Labrosse.

I have released uC/OS-51 under the GNU Programming License, but in order to use uC/OS-51 you must own the original uC/OS distribution, which is copyrighted by Jean Labrosse and is enclosed to his book "uC/OS - The Real Time Kernel" - R&D Books, 1992, ISBN 0-13-031352-1.

Unfortunately my current job does not allow me to work on ucos51 any more, so a new ucos51 maintainer is welcome! Get in touch with me if you are interested.

Now there is even a Web site dedicated to uC/OS-II.
As a result of the release of uC/OS v2.x, uC/OS v1.11 is now freely available - see the above link for details. 

For those of you who wish to know more about uC/OS, I suggest to check the following links:

Reference Guides

I have compiled a few reference guides for my work and I am listing them here, for anyone who could be interested: Separator

My Suggestions

I would like to suggest you the following links
(you have read that I am a Linux fanatic, haven't you?)
Linux registered user 71629  I have been registered 
to The Linux Counter 
as user #71629. 

 Do register yourself too! 

I run Firefox as my primary browser on all the machines I use - both Windows and Linux.
Try Firefox: it is free, open source, multi platform, lean and and mean!
Why don't you give it a shot and maybe switch as well?

Get Firefox!


How to get in touch with me

Here are some ways to get in touch with me:


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